Sunday, 30 November 2008

Things to Brighten Up A Day Inside

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So. It’s raining. Or it’s insanely humid outside. You want to curl up with a blanket and go back to sleep. Or compulsively refresh your email, dressed in only your underwear and a ‘Britney is My Homegirl’ t-shirt. Things you would never wear outside, or even admit to owning.

You’re bored, kind of miserable and can’t think of anything you want to do.

I have these kinds of days more often than I’d like. Days where I’m tired, lethargic, and the idea of getting dressed fills me with horror.

These are some of the things I do to get out of a rainy day slump.

Make a children’s birthday cake. Anyone who grew up in Australia in the last few decades should remember the Women’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cake book. Filled with robot cakes, cars, dolls, swimming pools, tigers and rabbits – these are the kind of cakes to which you have to dedicate an entire afternoon. Maybe you want to make a lady beetle? Or a spaceship? My favourite birthday cake as a little kid was a pink mirror, with a white, geisha-like face, and a halved red jellybean for lips.

Make hair bows. Get a piece of velvet ribbon about two inches (five centimetres) wide. Tie it into a bow. Pin a brooch to the centre of the bow if it looks messy. Use bobby pins to attach it to the side of your head, or if you’re endowed with long locks, to your ponytail.

Listen to Diana. Read Diana Vreeland’s ‘Why Don’t You?’ articles and follow one of her suggestions to the letter. If you can’t find any practical suggestions (this is quite likely), the lovely Lady Smaggle has made some ‘Why Don’t You?’ lists of her own.

If it’s raining - go for a walk! Take your umbrella, take off your shoes, and go for a long walk in the rain. Please don’t forget to jump in as many puddles as possible. Possibly paint your toes a shade of shocking pink before you go out and do this.

Listen to new music. ‘New’ to you might mean Ravi Shankar, Shirley Bassey or Cut Copy. It doesn’t matter.

Make a castle. This only works if you have cardboard on hand. Draw up walls, cut them out. Attach them together. Make your cardboard castle in any shape you’d like. Paint it, cover it in glitter. Decoupage it with your unpaid electricity bills.

Construct necklaces out of weird, unexpected things. Little coloured fluffy balls that are ubiquitous in craft shops. Ribbons knotted together. A mess of rhinestones, thread and velvet leaves. Whatever you can find.

And if none of this works – Pull on a sleeping mask, have a cup of tea and go to bed. Tomorrow will be better.


Leah said...

Wonderful post! I have these kinds of days more often that I should, like today for instance. I think I am going to try making some hair bows now!

lacouturiernyc said...

lovely post :)

i actually just did a why don't you post, about, hm, a week ago! they're so fun to make :)

La C.

Pony said...

Leah - I hope your day gets better, darling :) Have fun with the hair bows!

La C. - It's a wonderful list! You've made me want to throw a masquerade ball, now!

Sarah Von said...

Compulsively refresh your email?! How did you know? Get out of my brain! :D

Awesome post - great ideas. I always struggle with the urge to eat processed carbs on watch MTV on those days.

Pony said...

haha, that's okay! pasta + tv can brighten up a sluggish day too, i think! ;)