Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday Obsessional

Images taken from and my folk lover.

The aesthetic bits and pieces that have me salivating this week include:

Necklaces. Specifically, necklaces that look like your jewellery has become knotted together, and you've just picked up the whole glittering tangle and slung it on. I loved Luella's Spring RTW necklaces, and I have been playing with all of my pearl and rhinestone costume jewellery to try and create variations on this look.

Headdresses. Oh, I have been looking for a black feather headdress for quite some time. Something like a cross between a Native American princess and something the inimitable Iris Apfel might wear. Sadly, this gorgeous piece by Etsy's Boudoir Queen has been sold.

Riding breeches. Yes, this is an old look. The high street briefly flirted with the jodhpur look years ago, but I can't get the idea of buying a pair of 1930's riding breeches, and modifying them to fit me, out of my head. I'm a woman possessed - I want to team them with ridiculously tall confectionery-coloured shoes and white tank tops, suspenders and the necklaces I mentioned above. Sigh.

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