Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Sunday Obsessional

Images taken from and Gibbous Fashions.

My stylistic obsessions as of this Sunday include:

Menswear. And I am not talking about the skinny jeans that adorn the flanks of your average hipster. I am talking about tweed blazers (fitted, please!), motorcycle gloves, insignia rings ... and even a fantastic aftershave, either stolen from the bathroom cabinet of one's favourite male acquaintance, or purchased outright.

Steampunk. I know. I know. But there is something so attractive about tattered lace and the slightest hint of Victoriana. Best mixed with something modern, I think, or even futuristic, like the ubiquitous lame legging, so your peacock feather capelet or velvet opera cloak enjoys centre stage.

Organza and (second-hand? please? this is my shameless ploy to get you to recycle clothing!) leather. Recently explored by Charles Anastase, this mixture of soft chiffon, tulle and cotton, with leather motorcycle jackets had me drooling. Really. No really, it was embarrassing.

Tulle pompoms. Does anyone remember making pompoms when they were little? I want to start a DIY project, where I make scarves and neck ruffs out of these fluffy delights.

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