Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Opshop Booty, Haul, Stash, Whatever.

After I wrote the last article, I thought I'd better, ahem, practice what I preach, and go opshopping.

Life's hard, isn't it?

I was visiting my parents at the time, out in the-middle-of-nowhere Australia. Well, not quite. But it certainly is isolated country. And that makes for great opshopping. Opshops, charity shops, thrift stores - whatever you want to call them - in the cities are picked clean at any given time, by thrifty hawk-eyed hipsters who scour the racks at the crack of dawn for crazy 80's knitwear and acid-wash jumpsuits. Opshops in small towns, in Australia at least, are still comparatively full of donated treasures.

While the opshops I went to this time around didn't yield anything staggeringly good, I did find a few babydoll nightgowns, a set of red kitchen scales, some crocheted clothes hangers (my friend Chel calls them "nanna hangers". She's a textile artist, so I'm assuming that's a technical term.) And some fantastic scarves. Some of what I found will make its way into my Christmas gifts, but some just won't make it past my wardrobe.


Ella Anarchy said...

oooh i likey that polka dot scarf!

ko0ty said...

Nice finds.. I realized I never actually stepped into a thrift store before even after hearing all the good things about it!

Pony said...

ella anarchy - me too! i can't wait to wear it.

koOty - really? wow! i can't believe it!

marz said...

my favourite thrift stores are the incredibly cheap salvation army style ones in towns populated almost only by very old people. they are always run by sweet elderly half senile people who only charge you 2$ for a whole bag of goodies.

i always find absolutely beautiful things for SO CHEAP. in comparison to downtown salt spring thrift store that charges 15x as much because its on salt spring and thrift shopping is fairly trendy.

Pony said...

you're lucky, marz - those kinds of opshops are slowly disappearing, in australia. most charity shops are starting to get stupidly expensive and trendy :(

i'm going to have to go to canada soon if things keep going the way they are!!