Sunday, 21 September 2008

What to do With ... Dress Offcuts!

Because I'm such a shorty Danny DeVito would dwarf me, I recently (and reluctantly) took up my favourite pink ruffled prom dress. It's a gorgeous cupcake of a thing, sort of Marilyn-Monroe-meets-mescaline, but it hits my leg mid-calf and makes me look like even more of a Munchkin than I already do. It's not good.

So I cut off the lower two ruffles in one long strip and wondered what to do with it. Given my love of all things fluffy and embellish-y, I thought a kind of bizarre shrug might be the way to go. So I wrapped it tightly around my shoulders, and:

I can’t wait to add it to strapless dresses and white men’s singlets (trans: wifebeaters) alike, as well as a certain white and black polka-dotted 60s dress I know is lurking in my cupboard, somewhere … That is, instead of a hideous aqua nightgown that I wear when I clean the kitchen, the classy lass that I am ;) Please excuse the sleepy expression and bedhead, I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic this morning!

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Lady Smaggle said...

Love it! That material is seriously divine.