Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pony goes AWOL?

Well, this brand new little blog has been seriously neglected since I started what may well be my last undergrad semester (then again, maybe not! Fingers crossed!). Outfit pictures have been few and far between since I mostly alternate between three different uniforms: Paint splattered skinny jeans and old tuxedo jackets (to paint in), bathing suits and leotards (to lounge around in when I study) and pyjamas emblazoned with some seriously endearing animals.

So until things get less hectic, and until I can start wearing clothes without the threat of paint splatterage, here are some lovely articles:

10 Cheap, Simple Ways To Up The Eco-Fashion Ante. Found through Bits and Bobbins.

How to Tackle a Monday by Super Kawaii Mama.

NEET magazine! Rosa Bertoli interviews me and some other deliciously-dressed damsels somewhere in these pages about opshopping.

I am also trying to cut down my clothing consumption at the moment - mostly so my bank account stops crying itself to sleep at night. This might just result in some playing of dress-ups with the clothing I already own in the very near future - with pictorial evidence, of course.

Which leads me to wonder - does anyone still treat getting dressed in the morning like playing dress-ups when they were little? I'm beginning to think this sort of approach is the only way to go. Like the beautiful Leigh Bowery said:

Dress as though your life depends on it, or don't bother.

Also, ahem. In conclusion, Lady Smaggle is awesome. The end.


leah said...

I loved that article in NEET! I am now rather enjoying reading your blog. And also, great links!

Pony said...

Wow - thanks :)

Your blog is fantastic - you're so creative!

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh thanks for the link! Mutual appreciation for canberra style happening right here! :-)