Monday, 8 September 2008

I'll Get you My Pretty ...


When I was a child, I was possessed with a single desire. It stopped me from sleeping at night. It forced my parents into every single department store for hundreds of kilometres. It made me wear my hair in two long braids and warble about happy little bluebirds (Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh god.). I wanted to be Judy Garland, or more accurately, Dorothy Gale. I suspect, however, that this strong desire in my six-year-old self to be Dorothy Gale of Kansas had a lot to do with her beautiful ruby slippers.

While I never had any success as a child in finding my own pair of ruby slippers, I think that the long and painful years I (or, my parents) spent in search of them, has had a deep and lasting psychological impact. After reading about the Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary ‘Ruby Red Slippers Collection’ and salivating for a good five minutes, I reached, trance-like, for my credit card to buy myself a pair of ruby red slippers. Until I realised, snapping out of my trance, that I actually already own about seven pairs of red shoes.


Needless to say, my credit card stayed in my wallet. Maybe I should get this instead - and then invest in some much needed help.

“Hi, I’m Pony, and I’m addicted to ruby slippers.”


leah said...

Ruby slippers are rather good though... I don't have any sadly :(

Pony said...

Leah - Maybe you and I should make our own! Cut Out and Keep (and lots of other places too, I guess) have a tutorial on it:

If I do end up making my own, I'll post the results here :)