Sunday, 21 September 2008

Buying Habits

I recently wrote this little snippet in a livejournal style community, in response to a question about "Fall wishlists". Well, it isn't "Fall" here, or Autumn, or Automne, or whatever you call it - and instead of a wishlist, per se, I thought I'd write about the kind of aesthetic I'm currently interested in:

Well, while everyone is gearing up for Fall, or Autumn, here it’s Spring. That time of year when sales assistants start trawling out piles of pastels and dull florals, when trees start blossoming and birds start singing … It’s the season that makes me feel as though I should glide out of bed every morning in a pink peignoir and dance about my room while baby animals dress me. When really, I stumble out of bed in my underwear and try not to trip over on my way to the coffee pot. And all of this seasonal, saccharine crap makes me want to don a black mantilla and float about, disembodied and solemn, like The Intended in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

This Spring, I want a consistently black manicure. I want a Victorian black lace mantle in as perfect condition as possible. I want a long rayon 1930’s dress in a pale colour, that makes me feel as though I’m living in The Great Gatsby, or wandering around an English estate. I want wrist-length gloves, capelets and possibly some 1930’s jodhpurs cut off at the knee. And some seriously barbaric-looking jewellery. The intended effect is meant to be something like a cross between the Marchesa Casati and Anais Nin in Kaufman’s Henry and June. But I think I need some sleek, paler basics to pull this look together and make it more modern – I may love vintage clothing with a wild, bordering-on-illegal passion, but unless it’s mixed with something out of context, it’s just replicating a kind of historical look, which I’m not really interested in doing. Any suggestions?

I would also like a pet owl, to perch on my arm while I wear a gauntlet. But this is less likely to happen, sadly.

Despite this heady desire for dark lace and dresses of lawn and rayon trailing after me like peacock tails, I still seem to be stalking and buying the same old things - 50's cotton day dresses, tulle prom dresses, tuxedos, pink and silver lamé. And while this is all very good - I do love me some pink - I wonder why I can't break these buying habits and embrace something new. Does anyone else experience this? Do you own a hundred striped tshirts or peasant skirts, but wish fervently for pirate hats and petticoats that you never seem to bring yourself to buy?

So my mission is to nip my buying habits in the bud. And also, to kill the EVIL EBAY AUTOPILOT which seems to take over whenever I grace the hypnotic pages of that happy, happy place.

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