Saturday, 12 July 2008


So to get this thing moving along a little more regularly, i thought id start making weekly posts, stuff I've been doing, looking at, listening to, recent purchases, outfits and so on.

I've sort of tried talking to Pony about these things but shes out of town (I think) and not answering my emails (maybe).

This week my ipods just been goin crazy with the Uncle Monsterface album "This is an Adventure!" and i think just now I've listened to this "Big Dancin" track i peeped offa Discobelle about 15 consecutive times, its some crazy goddamn Bmore party shit.

I haint bought anything this week yet (clothing wise i mean) cuz its been cold as hell and going outside, even to go op shopping, seems to me like a crazy , stupid, crazy silly idea.

I did this drawing just yesterday for a friend of mine Logic One and i haven't really told him about it yet, I'm gunna color it tonight and surprise him . Heh.

apart from that did i mention wuchess? cuz GODDAMN...

-Pink Out

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