Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Surprise Wedding

I went to a friend's engagement party last night, and I wore this:


While I look really strange in this photograph, I really love the outfit. I'm wearing a dress I bought in Zara in the Netherlands in 2006, blue stockings from welovecolors, black opshopped ankle boots and one of my new opshopped scarves, and a "Gloria Swanson" 1950's velvet wasp-waist jacket, with a cape collar and rhinestone detail. I'm also wearing my hew holographic nailpolish by OPI, which gives me the giggles every time I look at my hands!

And I'm glad I dressed up a little, because the party turned into, if you haven't deduced from the title of this post, a surprise wedding - consisting of a very happy couple and a hundred-odd stunned guests!

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