Wednesday, 23 July 2008

So its been a little while...

But i have a legitimate excuse! i haven't been on the Internet, I've been recording my new EP, That's right! not my old EP, but a NEW ONE! so yadayadayada, time for a big fun update then i suppose!

so what i have i been listening to this past week while i record and mix funny hiphop musacs i hear you say? why France's own sebastien tellier of course!

and what else hrm? well i just cant seem to get frickkin ween (and if you don't know who ween are that's too bad, I'm not linking them, you uncultured swine!) out of my mind, weird as it seems, so...

on other music news RT7 was released last weekend and me an my Melbourne buddy The Ranger got a track up on there so cop the whole 2 discs free over here or hit this up for my track on its lonesome. we nicked the beat off NYCs own Random beats (or he was nice enough to donate it to our cause) and i thought the whole thing turned out fairly nicely.

onto wardrobe concerns, this is my favourite outfit from last week,

and for a more intimate look into my lil black book here's a lil sketch i did of myself wearing it.

and finally, and perhaps most importantly, my clubmasters came in! so BOOYAKASHA!
-Pink Out

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