Sunday, 13 July 2008

Opshopping is Bravery's Reward

Unlike Pink, I have recently braved the cold weather in order to go opshopping in search of what we in the business call SERIOUS LOOT. I drove the six hours to visit my parents last week, and along the way picked up some delicious treasures. Pictured are some of my finds, including a yellow plaid rayon kimono, a yellow plaid wool 1960's coat with detachable cape, a 70's babydoll nightgown and some scarves. In addition to these, I also found some fantastic tan leather brogues in my tiny tiny size, a t-shirt so 80's it had SHOULDERPADS, a knitted mini dress and a huge stash of vintage lingerie which I promptly dyed pink in my bathtub as soon as I arrived home.

kimonokimono detail

nightie detailbabydoll nightgown



Pink said...

Oh godamn how i hate you.

im headin back to the home turf in bout 3 weeks, im gunna go CRAZY i tell ya.

E said...

OMG i love the coat. it's out of this world.