Monday, 28 July 2008

Is it really a productive day if all you've done is go to work, take a photograph of your outfit, bought two vintage dresses on eBay and made a salad? Hmm. I was feeling all achieve-y and motivated until I realised that all I've achieved today is a full belly and the acquisition of two dresses that may not fit me now that my belly is full of delicious, delicious food.

Still, all is not lost. Here is today's outfit, immortalised on the internets! I am dressed like a leetle French preen-cess, I think!


It was FREEZING today so I wore a new diamante-studded beret and a wool jersey jacket with a white portrait collar from the 1950's. And two pairs of stockings. Sssshh.

In other news, I may have gone a wee bit crazy with the sudden influx of cold hard bank deposit known as pay day and purchased, among other things, a black sequined track-esque jacket made by the lovely MinkPink. Coming soon to a Pony post near you.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I think that TOTALLY counts as a productive day :)

diabolik said...

Hey. cool blog you crazy kids.
its mighty evident who has the better camera.... hehehe
you should chedk out this cool blog i happened to find whilst roaming the big wide internet land.

renee said...

I love the blue with the polka dots! YEAH!

Lady Smaggle said...

whoa! I was just flicking through NEET mag and saw that they had a wardrobe remixer from Canberra and now I see that you have a blog as well??? Mental! Your style is awesome and I can't believe I only just discovered you! I'm a style blogger from the nations capital as well!

I'm just about to update my site and I'll add you to my blog roll... it's lovely to see some style around my fair city! :-)

Pony said...

Aw, thanks guys.

Lady Smaggle - OH MY GOD. I clicked on your blog and my mouth fell open.
You said such nice things that I blushed and had to run away :P

I'd love to add smagglestyle to my blog roll as well, it's fantastic!

Thanks so much for all your nice comments - It really is awesome to see some serious style in this city. I should really get off my bum and start using this blog more often, now!